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Liquid Pictures is actively working with the California Innocence Project (CIP), developing videos to help exonerate Rodney Patrick McNeal, who has been wrongfully imprisoned for over 17 years. So far we have developed two animations to help Patrick’s case.

The first, a timeline which showed that Patrick was at work while his pregnant wife was brutally murdered at home. There are witnesses and phone records which prove his location. However, Patrick is a black man and his wife was a white woman, so when the police arrived and found Patrick at the scene of the crime they assumed his guilt. Evidence proving his innocence was not admitted during trial.

The second video we just completed is a narrative, a heartfelt story in Patrick’s own words of what he has missed over the past 17 years. Patrick has never met his granddaughter (pictured here), and this is his call to be heard.


Rodney Patrick McNeal is one the “California 11″ who the CIP has solid evidence to prove their innocence. For his full story, and others, please visit the California Innocence Project.